Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shop the Unexpected

The summer has been busy as with the start of school, so I apologize for my disappearance. We've also been ill recently which hasn't helped with staying on top of the to do list. One thing I did want to share was a recent AWESOME purchase at a local resale shop. I am still in shock and still floating on cloud 9. I stopped in our Once Upon A Child (children's resale/consignment shop) to pick up a new rewards punch card and walked past Plato's Closet (tween resale/consignment shop) next door. I rarely, if ever, go into that shop but something inside me said to stop in. As I walked in, I looked around and thought, why am I in here...I'm not in the mood for clothes I really don't NEED anything else...until I looked across the store and spotted IT. Yes, the it I am talking about is an Orla Kiely square flowers midi sling purse in geranium.

I casually walked up to it thinking, they must have JUST put this out! Why hasn't anyone snatched her up yet?!? Expecting to be tackled for the find, everyone in the store continued to browse around as if I had picked up a plain black shirt. Still in awe, I checked it over expecting the price tag to be something like $85. I was just stalking, I mean - looking - at one on an online discount site. However, they sold out within 2 minutes of posting their sale. Ugh. To my surprise the price tag was $15 and it is in near perfect condition. Are you serious?!? I couldn't get up to the register fast enough. And then, get this...the girl rings it up and says, $7.87. Yes. I about fainted. It was 50% off...THAT day. Seriously?!? She asked if I wanted a bag and I mumbled something like I knew where my car was...that's how much in shock I was.

I left the store, got in to my car and let out a huge scream. I then drove to the nearest gas station and bought a lottery ticket. Unfortunately I didn't win anything on the ticket, but finding that Orla Kiely purse at 3% of retail cost was just like winning the lottery for me that day. My advice ladies: listen to Clarence Clearance when he speaks to you and shop the unexpected. You'll never know what treasures you'll find!

Uppercase Living® FREE Halloween Expression with Order!!!

It’s Customer Celebration Days at Uppercase Living®! I currently am hosting an online/virtual Uppercase Living® show. Uppercase Living® offers products called "expressions", which are quotes, sayings, and solid pictures, that look like a painted-on stencil. They adhere to your wall or whatever surface you want to put it on. When you're ready to redecorate or move, the product is removable.

Great for homeowners, renters and college kids alike! Think outside of the box - decorate your mirrors, windows and doors as well as create unique holiday decorations by applying to painted wood for something that lasts season after season! Own your own business? Create your own unique car decal and drive around advertising your biz! Do you have a favorite quote or inspiring message? You can create your own design with their easy to use design tool!

Place an order on Thursday, September 23 between 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. (MT) and you will automatically receive a FREE Halloween Expression (a $14.95 value)!

Available exclusively in Valencia Orange, this fun seasonal expression will enhance any Halloween d├ęcor. Apply it to your entryway, to your front door, or to any of our 22" x 4" accessories to create a spooky display.

This special offer is only available for orders submitted on September 23, so don’t wait. My online show will remain open through Thursday, September 30th, but this awesome promo of the FREE expression is ONLY available ON THURSDAY, September 23rd.
Please remember to select me, Catherine Stern, in the upper right hand corner of your screen as your show hostess prior to completing your order.

Here's the online catalog link once again:

Have fun shopping and thanks in advance for your order!!!