Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I just love Paris...the history, the architecture, the atmosphere. Add J. Crew to that and you get a bit of sass.

Only one short post today as I am bushed from adding my listings to my new etsy site...all I need is a little Pink Martini playing in the background and a glass of wine to sip while I gaze at the Eiffel Tower. You can watch the mini video at J. Crew's website - enjoy!

On that note - bonne soir,

(photo courtesy of j. crew)

Destash Site in Progress...

Haven't posted in a while - been buried deep in scrafting supplies. Actually the weather has changed and the rainforest effect has subsided. My hair no longer needs it's own zip code - thank goodness - I was beginning to scare my daughter as she would look at my hair as if it was going to attack her. Speaking of hair...I feel a haircut - not a trim - coming up soon. We'll see how brave I am.

I digress - the reason for the post is to introduce my second etsy shop - it's functioning AND has items in it! As a designer for 15 years, you can imagine how many supplies have reproduced in the drawers and cubbies - stamps are having baby stamps, envelopes and paper have multiplied - it's out of control! So I have started Supply & Demand - one designer's destash...

Slowly but surely I will weed through the mass amount of goods up in the studio and keep only what I *know* I will use. Did I mention I do professional organizing on the side? (blush) - if you could only see how much excess stuff there is! Baby steps - I'm almost over the hump and boy, does it feel good.

Be sure to swing by my shop when you're online some night (or early morning, like me) - you can find me here:


Off to finally cash in on some zzzz's (and those are free)-

Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Red

Happy Friday! No post yesterday - had a million things on my list to do and I'm happy to say I accomplished most of them. The balance I have yet to complete this evening and this weekend.

Well, it is raining...again. I believe it's the fifth day in a row that it's been raining. Maybe this is why my Fantastic Friday inspiration is Big Red...it's beginning to look a lot like London around here...at least the weather.

So I put together a little collage of my favorite famous red telephone booths to brighten my day and inspire the creative side of my brain that seems to be sleeping in today. I've looked into getting an official red telephone booth in my house - would LOVE to have it in my studio - or my daughter's playroom someday; however, my friend who lives in London got me some quotes and they were outrageous - makes sense since you can't just send it airmail; it actually has to be shipped across the ocean. Yeesh.

So for now, I'll be content with my miniature versions in my art studio and the fact that I really don't need one since I don't have a land line, only a cell phone.

Living vicariously through the collage,

(photos courtesy the multitude of talent at flickr)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Did Someone Say Pool Par-tay?!?

Well, today was another rainy humid day here...we've been stuck inside because of the weather. It sure would be nice to have a pool today to lounge around in...

On that note, let me see what I can do with Photoshop and my magic wand. Voila. The two 'babes' you see in the pool are my daughter and me. You can guess who is who...I bet it won't be difficult to tell.

I really don't know whose suit I like better. It all depends on what mood you are in - ruffles or buttons.

Enjoy the summer weather while it lasts - fall will soon be here. The pool boy just arrived with our refreshments - time to go!

ruffles & buttons

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Squeak Squeak

Gabrielle wanted to add her favorite pick of the day - she cannot get enough of giraffes lately. Nana and Papa recently brought her a stuffed green giraffe (so cute) that is almost as big as her; however, her favorite teething toy to date is Sophie the Giraffe (compliments of cousin Francesca). No introductions needed, she was a hit from the start. Funny thing is, Elle will put the giraffe's head in her mouth, chew, chew, chew (literally three times - no more, no less) and then pull it out and look it right in the eyes as if she's checking to see if the head is still there. Then back in the mouth and repeat until her onesie is thoroughly soaked from drool.

So Sophie, welcome to the family and our apologies that it has to be a rough road of friendship here in the beginnning. Just know that a toothless gum sandwich from our daughter equals nothing but a whole lot of love. Our hearts go out to you, oh teething friend!

Squeak on,
Elle et al

Hope in a Jar

Today's inspiration is philosophy.com product packaging - my favorite product, Hope in a Jar. I thank my wonderful hubby for always replenishing my supply of this miracle cream. Not only do I find beauty in the simplicity of their design, but the packaging adds a bit of *glee* to my daily routine. It may be because I am a font geek that I am so attracted to their design. It sure is tempting to buy all the products and line them up in the medicine cabinet only to wake and look at the pretty little display you can create. Oh, how fun would that be...but expensive and oh so worth it!

Packaging truly defines the success of your product branding. My husband is a packaging designer (and obsessed with all things relating to it) - {tangent: our Target shopping trips are two hours long so we can absorb as much package design possible when all we originally needed is formula and diapers} - anyway, people are drawn to certain packaging 'looks' and styles...some I cannot avoid, like a moth to a light...I confess, I have certain products I will most likely never use but I bought it solely for the beauty of it's shell. Ah, bliss.

On that note, please know that you CAN buy Hope in a Jar and enjoy Philosophy's simplicity and success of their brand.

Shop Philosophy

As the jar states: Where there is hope, there can be faith. Where there is faith, miracles can occur.

Well said.

(photo courtesy of philosophy)