Saturday, July 18, 2009

Super Star Saturdays

What's in a name? Well, I decided to start up a SATURDAY EVENING POST featuring stars since my last name means star in German. I'm hoping to find some every day inspirations to share with you and because there are three of us in our 'star' family, there will be three images (hopefully) that I will share for for papa bear, one for mama bear and one for baby bear. I'm hoping I can keep up my end of the have to start somewhere, right?

Today's features are all from

Click on each of the images above to take you to the shop listing.

(images courtesy Cosmic Girl, Lilla Lotta, and Monkey & Squirrel)

Etsy SALE Reminder

Just a reminder that my destash shop, Supply and Demand (15 years of crafting, graphic design, interior design, scrapbooking and stamping supplies, books and magazines that MUST find a new good home) is having a HUGE BOGO 1/2 off all books sale.

Find all the details here in my shop announcements. Buy a book or two or more...for some new reading material, as a gift or to use for a craft project! Hurry and check it out - I only have one of each book listed and I'm not sure how long the sale is going to run.

Wonderful Weekend Wardrobe

Need some suggestions for your weekend wardrobe? Want to look uber cute shopping at the farmer's market, grabbing a latté, catching a movie...? Check out these items - MOST of them are on sale and some pieces are mix and match for more options. DOUBLE BONUS!!! I recently found Sensibly Styled, a site that 'finds all the modest clothing, from all the brands you love, and puts it all in one place'. Inspired by their affordable daily selections and the bright colors of summer that I LOVE, I put together this style board...maybe it will inspire you to do some shopping either online or in your own closet. Either way, have fun! And if something on this board inspired you, please drop me a line to let me know. Stop by these fabulous sites for some mood board inspirations too - Making It Lovely (go to her archives and choose 'style'), Melissa Loves, Oh, Hello Friend and Creature Comforts to name a few...

a) Anthropologie Braided Racerback in Raspberry $29.95 (sale)
b) Anthropologie Daydream & Fancy Cardigan in Sky $49.95 (sale)
c) Forever21 Peasant Tee Top in Green $10.50
d) Orla Kiely Multi Cross Hatch Stem Large Tote $169.89 (sale)
e) Anthropologie Rail Rider Trousers in Beige $29.95 (sale)
f) Anthropologie Crayon Box Necklace $19.95 (sale)
g) Anthropologie Crape Myrtle Thong in Red $49.95 (sale)
h) ShopCloverBelle ( Peace Necklace in Red $61.00
i) Boston Proper Border Print Dress in Turquoise Multi $89.99 (sale)
j) Forever21 Jewel Leaf Dangle Earrings in Gold/Green $4.80
k) Anthropologie Smocked Canvas Tote in Yellow $39.95 (sale)
l) Melissinos No. 14 Ionian Handmade Greek Leather Sandals $40.30

(images courtesy of above mentioned sites)

Friday, July 17, 2009

What's YOUR Style Personality?

Find out here! I stumbled upon this fun little quiz (originally posted on How about orange...) that you can take at the International School of Colour and Design (Australia) site to identify your style personality. Answer a few fun questions and pouf! get your results. Mine were pretty true - here's my results from taking the quiz:

(images courtesy of ISCD)

A Midsummer (Afternoon) Performance

I attended a ballet performance this afternoon. Really. In my own living room. Best seats in the house and I was able to interview the aspiring ballerina in person at the conclusion of her show. You can watch a snippet from the performance below - just click play in the window. I hear the next show is sold out (wink, wink), but I'm sure she'll perform for you any time, any where. Seriously...she loves performing.

Our house is filled with 'bella bella ballerina' (as quoted from our daughter) performances comprised of a plethora of twirls, leaps and claps and a wardrobe consisting of a tutu, princess shoes and a crown. We were sans crown today as one of the jewels was being 'repaired' (it takes a beating being worn every day, ya know). Long live princesses and ballerinas - I have a feeling this phase will be around for awhile. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I am having a BOGO 1/2 off sale at my destash etsy site, Supply & one book, get one half off! (Please see my shop announcements for all details.) Most of the books are already dirt cheap, so what are you waiting for?!? The sale starts today and I'm not sure how long I'm going to have it run.

These books really need to find a good home - either for new people to read or feel free to enjoy them for your crafting needs. I have an awesome Paris book listed that has gorgeous photography - use some of the images in frames you already have around the house and voila, new artwork from your book travels. Or better yet, make some awesome cards or collages with the imagery. It's breathtaking! I hate to cut apart books, but it's better than just sitting on the shelves collecting dust. We have so many books and I like to rotate them out regularly so they are new to other people.

So check out the sale - I will be adding more items to the store this week. Some items to come are back issues (tons of them) in groupings of 2 or 3 for dirt cheap again - examples you will find are TONS (and I mean TONS) of home decorating magazines (both US and UK issues) and lots of graphic design (HOW, Print, ID...). So bookmark my etsy shop and check back (very) frequently - I would hate for you to miss out on some rare and unique's Christmas in July here and here...

Today's post was brought to you by the letters A, B and C...

and the rest of the alphabet gang with a follow up of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (did you know they are the same melody?) YUP - the SAME! I never realized it until I had to sing both back-to-back-to-back-to-back...well, you get the picture. Our two-year old daughter loves the camera so was frustrated at the end when the song was done (hence the protest)...she would love for our life to be a musical with singing and dancing all the time. Could you imagine? Better yet, could you imagine what our neighbors would think? Oh boy - I laugh at the visual of this as will my good friends and family that read this and know me all too well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Summer Staple

I've been wanting to post this recipe given to me by my mom (thanks Mom) because it is all I seem to be living on this past spring and summer...OH is it delish! The recipe is for a quick and super easy (did I mention delicious) oil and vinegar dressing that is to.die.for on a spinach salad. YUM! I bet you could whip some up tomorrow with items you have in your fridge or pantry - give it a try and let me know what you think!

If you're wondering where I got the cute recipe cards so appropriate for summer, you can find them here. Erin (Vale Design) is a very talented and generous graphic designer who posts lots of freebie downloads (for non-commerical use please - read her common sense rules), so run on over while you're eating your savory dressing on your spinach salad and visit her blog, Leo on the Loose. Stay awhile and check out some of her posts - tell her I sent you over for some post salad eye candy.

Click on the image below to download a PDF file of the recipe card.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I received my lovely package via air post today containing the wonderful chalkboard hoop I won from Bliss In a Teacup when they were featured on Danni's blog, Oh, Hello Friend. I am so excited to hang it and use it! I'm afraid my little photo collage doesn't really do it justice. I shot them in a hurry mid-afternoon after it had arrived and wanted to include all the packaging details from the wonderful handwritten note to the cute little pin on her business card and fabric wrapped chalk.

I wonder where I should hang it? Perhaps in my studio upstairs. I have PLENTY to do up there where I would need a to-do list...and a fashionable one at that! One wall in my studio is actually all chalkboard (I have yet to write on it - the clean black just looks so nice!) and part of the chalkboard wall is actually magnetic. I'll try to post some pics of my studio when I have the chance.

Thanks again Becka for your generous giveaway and also many thanks to Danni for all the fantabulous giveaways she hosts on her blog. Be sure to check out both of these talented peeps.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Love Your Body: 2009 Poster Contest Winner: Grand Prize Winner

Love Your Body: 2009 Poster Contest Winners

Stumbled upon this and LOVE the concept the grand prize winner created (pictured to the left) - reminds me a little of the old GAP (PRODUCT) red line. Simple message/text with classic typography. Great site to read through - sends a very positive message to women today. Worth the read!

All you creatives out there - challenge yourself for a worthwhile purpose and get the message out. Click here for 2010 Love Your Body Poster Contest information. Entries must be postmarked by December 1, 2009 - get your creative hat have plenty-o-time! Good luck!

(image courtesy of
NOW foundation/love your body)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors, GROSGRAIN!

Grosgrain? Yup. Grosgrain, THE blog. Again. Lovely little blog with even lovelier posts (and guest giveaways)! Check this one out:RockPaperScissors GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

As if a giveaway isn't enough, it's from Rock Paper Scissors, another one of my favorite vices (coming from a self-proclaimed paper addict and font-aholic). You'll be swept off your feet with their fabulous graphic design and multitude of personalization options - time to get creative!

(images courtesy of RockPaperScissors via Grosgrain)

Heat Wave SALE!

Well, it WAS hot here...last week. Now I'm not too sure what happened. Anyway, hurry over to j caroline creative! (one of my online fabric and notion favs) for their HEAT WAVE SALE. They have quite a few lines on sale as well as notions and ribbons...I'm SURE you'll find something. Be sure to take advantage of the sale soon as quantities are limited and the sale runs through next Friday, July 10th.

Hope you were able to find something from and their $5 OFF one-time offer last week - I did and now I'm off to j caroline creative! Hope to see you there (just don't take my fabric)...happy shopping!

(image courtesy of j caroline creative!)

Drum Roll Please!!!

It's the FAVORITE THINGS swap! No, we're not talkin' Oprah here, but it may as well be something of that magnitude. I am so excited to be part of this blogger swap - it's like Christmas in July. (Sidenote: can you believe it's already July?!? I woke up this morning and thought wha?!? It's like winter just ended here - and it's only 65 degrees today - what's up with that?!? I mean, c'mon...we wait MONTHS for sun and heat...I shouldn't be least there isn't any white stuff on the ground. You locals know what I'm talking about...soon enough).

Anyway, off the tangent and back to the task at hand...the swap. Get your friends, neighbors, cousins twice removed, best friends' dogs... WHOEVER ...involved in this - it's going to be HUGE! But HURRY - you only have until THIS FRIDAY (July 3rd) to sign up to participate in this fun gig. Find all the information you need here. Email your particulars to Kelly from According to Kelly (her email is listed in her blog post) - packages will need to be postmarked by July 31st. Check it out - it's sure to be a blast! There's nothing like getting a goodie package in the mail from a complete stranger! OH, the excitement!!!

(image courtesy of According to Kelly)