Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekend Wardrobe

Need some suggestions for your weekend wardrobe? Want to look uber cute shopping at the farmer's market, grabbing a latté, catching a movie...? Check out these items - MOST of them are on sale and some pieces are mix and match for more options. DOUBLE BONUS!!! I recently found Sensibly Styled, a site that 'finds all the modest clothing, from all the brands you love, and puts it all in one place'. Inspired by their affordable daily selections and the bright colors of summer that I LOVE, I put together this style board...maybe it will inspire you to do some shopping either online or in your own closet. Either way, have fun! And if something on this board inspired you, please drop me a line to let me know. Stop by these fabulous sites for some mood board inspirations too - Making It Lovely (go to her archives and choose 'style'), Melissa Loves, Oh, Hello Friend and Creature Comforts to name a few...

a) Anthropologie Braided Racerback in Raspberry $29.95 (sale)
b) Anthropologie Daydream & Fancy Cardigan in Sky $49.95 (sale)
c) Forever21 Peasant Tee Top in Green $10.50
d) Orla Kiely Multi Cross Hatch Stem Large Tote $169.89 (sale)
e) Anthropologie Rail Rider Trousers in Beige $29.95 (sale)
f) Anthropologie Crayon Box Necklace $19.95 (sale)
g) Anthropologie Crape Myrtle Thong in Red $49.95 (sale)
h) ShopCloverBelle ( Peace Necklace in Red $61.00
i) Boston Proper Border Print Dress in Turquoise Multi $89.99 (sale)
j) Forever21 Jewel Leaf Dangle Earrings in Gold/Green $4.80
k) Anthropologie Smocked Canvas Tote in Yellow $39.95 (sale)
l) Melissinos No. 14 Ionian Handmade Greek Leather Sandals $40.30

(images courtesy of above mentioned sites)


Cable Car Couture said...

That's so cool! We have a modest fashion blog, too, and it's great to find out about other women who are committed to making modest clothing accessible.

jane said...

I love the forever 21 top. its so cute!
check out this other great site that i found that is committed to modest clothing only,
it has some really casual, great clothing