Friday, July 10, 2009


I received my lovely package via air post today containing the wonderful chalkboard hoop I won from Bliss In a Teacup when they were featured on Danni's blog, Oh, Hello Friend. I am so excited to hang it and use it! I'm afraid my little photo collage doesn't really do it justice. I shot them in a hurry mid-afternoon after it had arrived and wanted to include all the packaging details from the wonderful handwritten note to the cute little pin on her business card and fabric wrapped chalk.

I wonder where I should hang it? Perhaps in my studio upstairs. I have PLENTY to do up there where I would need a to-do list...and a fashionable one at that! One wall in my studio is actually all chalkboard (I have yet to write on it - the clean black just looks so nice!) and part of the chalkboard wall is actually magnetic. I'll try to post some pics of my studio when I have the chance.

Thanks again Becka for your generous giveaway and also many thanks to Danni for all the fantabulous giveaways she hosts on her blog. Be sure to check out both of these talented peeps.


becka said...

I'm so glad it arrived safe and sound! You're welcome!

Just a note on seasoning your chalkboard, if you haven't used it yet. Using the long side of the chalk, rub the chalk all over it and then give it a good dust/clean off with the cleaning cloth. This makes for a smooth surface and will stop it from 'ghosting' what you initially write on there!


angela hardison said...

Giveaways are the best.

Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog! I'm sure I'll be back to yours for more.