Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hope in a Jar

Today's inspiration is philosophy.com product packaging - my favorite product, Hope in a Jar. I thank my wonderful hubby for always replenishing my supply of this miracle cream. Not only do I find beauty in the simplicity of their design, but the packaging adds a bit of *glee* to my daily routine. It may be because I am a font geek that I am so attracted to their design. It sure is tempting to buy all the products and line them up in the medicine cabinet only to wake and look at the pretty little display you can create. Oh, how fun would that be...but expensive and oh so worth it!

Packaging truly defines the success of your product branding. My husband is a packaging designer (and obsessed with all things relating to it) - {tangent: our Target shopping trips are two hours long so we can absorb as much package design possible when all we originally needed is formula and diapers} - anyway, people are drawn to certain packaging 'looks' and styles...some I cannot avoid, like a moth to a light...I confess, I have certain products I will most likely never use but I bought it solely for the beauty of it's shell. Ah, bliss.

On that note, please know that you CAN buy Hope in a Jar and enjoy Philosophy's simplicity and success of their brand.

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As the jar states: Where there is hope, there can be faith. Where there is faith, miracles can occur.

Well said.

(photo courtesy of philosophy)

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