Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Destash Site in Progress...

Haven't posted in a while - been buried deep in scrafting supplies. Actually the weather has changed and the rainforest effect has subsided. My hair no longer needs it's own zip code - thank goodness - I was beginning to scare my daughter as she would look at my hair as if it was going to attack her. Speaking of hair...I feel a haircut - not a trim - coming up soon. We'll see how brave I am.

I digress - the reason for the post is to introduce my second etsy shop - it's functioning AND has items in it! As a designer for 15 years, you can imagine how many supplies have reproduced in the drawers and cubbies - stamps are having baby stamps, envelopes and paper have multiplied - it's out of control! So I have started Supply & Demand - one designer's destash...

Slowly but surely I will weed through the mass amount of goods up in the studio and keep only what I *know* I will use. Did I mention I do professional organizing on the side? (blush) - if you could only see how much excess stuff there is! Baby steps - I'm almost over the hump and boy, does it feel good.

Be sure to swing by my shop when you're online some night (or early morning, like me) - you can find me here:


Off to finally cash in on some zzzz's (and those are free)-

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