Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Squeak Squeak

Gabrielle wanted to add her favorite pick of the day - she cannot get enough of giraffes lately. Nana and Papa recently brought her a stuffed green giraffe (so cute) that is almost as big as her; however, her favorite teething toy to date is Sophie the Giraffe (compliments of cousin Francesca). No introductions needed, she was a hit from the start. Funny thing is, Elle will put the giraffe's head in her mouth, chew, chew, chew (literally three times - no more, no less) and then pull it out and look it right in the eyes as if she's checking to see if the head is still there. Then back in the mouth and repeat until her onesie is thoroughly soaked from drool.

So Sophie, welcome to the family and our apologies that it has to be a rough road of friendship here in the beginnning. Just know that a toothless gum sandwich from our daughter equals nothing but a whole lot of love. Our hearts go out to you, oh teething friend!

Squeak on,
Elle et al

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