Friday, February 12, 2010

Secret Shampoo = $AVING$!!!

For those of you who asked where I had been a week or so ago, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Well, not totally. I hope to be doing my posts on a regular basis...things have been so incredibly busy. Both my husband and I are actively looking for employment and add an active 3 year old into the mix of that equation and throw in a long Wisconsin winter...and the days seem to fly by with the blog taking backseat unfortunately. Why is it though, that when you are not working, every day seems like Saturday and you have no clue what date it is much less what day of the week it happens to be? Yeesh.

Since we are on a (very tight) budget, I thought I would start my "catch-up" marathon with a money saving post for my readers. I use and love a higher end salon line of shampoo and conditioners. However, with our recent financial 'adjustment', we are looking at everything we purchase to see if we can't get creative. Well, I was ecstatic - nothing short of doing cartwheels in the middle of the parking lot - after finding this new replacement hair care product...not sure if it is going to be temporary or permanent because I am liking it so much.

So here's the skinny. Most of you will be familiar with the SALLY Beauty Supply Stores...they have a line of product there that looks like (ironically similar packaging down to the bottle/cap color) and smells like and yes, even behaves like (if not better *gasp* did I say that?) the more expensive brand of shampoo. So, I purchased the shampoo and the mousse since I still had a huge bottle of conditioner to use up...and you know what, I am (very, very) pleasantly surprised. I may not be returning to the more expensive brand. I'll let you figure out what 'that brand' is...and let you figure out if you want to give the new one a try.

If you are interested, I've pictured the items I purchased's not rocket science to figure out what brand I previously used and it surely didn't take rocket science to figure out how much money we could save by switching. I may end up getting their savings card as you get MORE money off your purchases by joining and it's well worth it if you plan on stocking your shelves with this secret shampoo - look like a million bucks for pennies!

To also save money, I gave myself a haircut in my bathroom...3 1/2 inches gone. Seriously, I feel about 10 pounds lighter and 5 years younger...for FREE. Can't beat that!

(Images courtesy of SALLY Beauty)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shopping tip Catherine. I think everyone is looking to save where ever they can without foregoing the quality of a product. It's appreciated.
Ahhh, cutting your own hair. Note to self: never, ever, enter bathroom with scissors. I did it once, just to trim my bangs and I ended up looking like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber (at least my bangs did!).