Friday, May 14, 2010

Serendipity Found :: JOYFOLIE

The web was a buzz around 9pm central time on Thursday night. Why, you ask? Jessica Haley's products from Joyfolie (formerly known as Mia Joie) were uploaded to her website and if you blinked, you missed out - they were gone faster than they arrived. I found Jessica's goodies via Etsy a few years back when shopping for unique things for my little girl. Here are some of my current favorites to show you exactly why I am such a fan of Jessica and her creations.

(Blithe Ruffled Jacket and McKenna Boots - really really really loving this little red cord jacket - it comes in brown too)

(Houndstooth Boots - the boots with that yellow coat make me grin)

(Joice Shoes - look at the detail in these!)

(Gabi Shoes - had to list these because of the awesome name)

Jessica's products are impeccable and she puts so much love into the handmade creation and design of each of her pieces. They do not disappoint! I'm sad that my itty-bitty is growing so fast and will no longer fit into the sizing Joyfolie offers. Currently, she offers the most adorable boots and shoes for children (c'mon, peep toes for babies?!? what's cuter than that!) up to size 8 and clothing up to size 3T. Jessica did mention that a women's line of clothing would debut sometime in August 2010. I'll be anxiously waiting to see those goods! Joyfolie also has gorgeous accessories such as pins, headbands, shoe accessories, barrettes and belts. Please take some time to explore the unique and beautiful items of JOYFOLIE and read more about Jessica and her inspirational and blossoming company.


I LOVE how Jessica shares this thought with us:
"Since its inception, Joyfolie has led me to believe that extraordinary things are possible if we are willing to trust in God’s plan for our lives and step forward in the pursuit of our dreams. I hope the story of Joyfolie inspires you as you pursue your own strengths and the aspirations of your private heart."

Be inspired. Follow your heart. Trust God.
Thanks Jessica!

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(Images courtesy of Joyfolie)

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tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

what a find!!! these are all gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!