Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary Sweetie

Sorry I'm a week late with this post, but we've been a bit busy (ahem)...moving sale, finding jobs, packing, updates...sleep? No sleep. Oh and an active 2 year old...who likes to go parkin' (slides, swings, etc.) every day. Phew. I'm tired just typing it.

H A P P Y ::: 5th ::: A N N I V E R S A R Y

Thank you for the great past five years - we've been through a lot together - and you've always found a way to make me laugh. You are my evil twin and I am your stunt double. I love finishing your sentences and know that you are thinking exactly what is in my head. Life is a journey and I'm so happy I have a partner like you. Our greatest creation together so far is our daughter - I'm so proud of the father you are and the best friend you continue to be. Looking forward to our adventure together as a family and as a couple...I wouldn't want to give it a go with anyone else but you (and our darling daughter)...I love you always and forever.

On that note, I put together a little styleboard of an outfit appropriate for a wonderful night out to celebrate our wedded bliss - it's easy on the eyes and also on the checkbook. The links below are where all the lovelies can be purchased (for those interested readers or for a hubby looking for ideas - wink, wink). There are a few options for jewelry just because I couldn't decide on just one - they are all so delish!

a) Anthropologie Bloemist Cardigan in Purple - $39.95 (sale)
b) Anthropologie Annular Dress in Black - $79.95 (sale)
c) Stella & Dot La Coco Brooch Necklace - Silver - $98.00 (can be worn 8 different ways!)
d) Stella & Dot Bloom Flower Ring - Black/Silver - $44.00
e) Stella & Dot Jenna Pearl & Ribbon Necklace - $44.00 (paired with the matching earrings in the photo)
f) Newport News Knot-Front Pump - $39.00 (sale) - either color are just fab!
g) Stella & Dot Kelly Necklace - Ivory Pearl - $89.00
h) NodtoModVintage Little Black Clutch Purse - vintage 60s - $30.00 (a steal!)

(images courtesy of Anthropologie, Stella & Dot, Newport News and NodtoModVintage on etsy)

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