Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Holy Niners...

So - it's 09-09-09...what will you be doing at 09:09:09? Take a picture! Buy a lottery ticket. Post something on your blog. Kiss a loved one. Say a prayer. Smile. Whatever you do, make it fun and document it. Maybe you're getting married tomorrow and a long, happy marriage is in your future (see point #4 below)...

Fun facts about 09-09-09 (insert weird X-Files music here...):

September 9th is the 252nd day of the year (2 + 5 +2) equals 9
• The day falls on a Wednesday and Wednesday & September have 9 letters each
09-09-09 is also the last of the single-digit dates for quite a while (92 years to be precise)
The Chinese meaning of the number nine is longevity

Whatever you may be doing tomorrow, no matter the time, may you have many blessings and enjoy the day!

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Anonymous said...

Dang, I should have bought a lotto ticket! Didn't even think to do anything to "celebrate" the day.