Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Martha and George (x2) - sigh

Martha (Stewart) and two George (Washingtons), that is. Read on and then RUN, don't walk to your Big Lots store. Yes, you heard me correctly. Big Lots. For what, you ask? Well, two weeks ago I stumbled upon some very nice clearance items at our local Big Lots. MARTHA STEWART craft packages - all of her discontinued styles were nicely hung on two endcaps that literally called to me as we entered the store. What were we there for? I don't even remember I was so ecstatic after finding these...I think we were there for something to do with the moving sale or moving in general. It's all a blur after I found these...

But, I digress. I picked up a few of the awesome pink pom-pom kits that have been featured on blogs everywhere like here and here. And some really nice 'rainy day projects' making puppets and jewelry...some flower kits - you can never have too many of these. Prepackaged with the MS brand, makes for great last minute gifts for kids or hostess gifts.

And here's the stickler...all the kits are priced at only $2 each. Yup, you heard me right again. Two bucks a piece - two George Washingtons! Some are 90% off (oh the money you save!) Oh Martha...I've got my work cut out for me once we're settled at the new house...I will welcome winter and all the crafting I will be up to :) Check out this week's ad here. Like I said, RUN, don't walk - they won't last long at this price!!!

George and Martha were definitely made for each other this time around.

(photos courtesy of Martha Stewart)

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