Monday, December 28, 2009

GAP Give and Get Results

I got an email awhile back that I have been wanting to share with you regarding the amazing results of people taking the time to participate in the GAP Give and Get annual program. A certain percentage of your purchases goes toward a charity of your choice. We purchased some basic items that we needed and felt good that a certain portion was going to the charity we chose. I can proudly say that I contributed from my purchase to Feeding America; a lot of my friends participated as well - the results are posted below. A little bit goes a long way and every little bit counts - over $2 million dollars were raised total for the charities listed both in the US and Canada, with just over $450K going to Feeding America. A job well done - THANK YOU participants!

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Darlene said...

I found your blog from another one I was viewing. I love the Gap charity idea.

I also made a comment on your elf show. Hilarious!!

Thanks and have a great day!