Saturday, December 5, 2009

Talk to the Moose

This has got to be the CUTEST commercial E-V-E-R! Well, it's my favorite of the moment right now. The reason, you ask? My 2 1/2 year old will drop everything, yes, I mean, M&Ms, ice cream, etc (Santa could be in the room)...and RUN...literally RUN to the TV and as they say, get into formation (you cheerleaders know what I'm talking about). Anyway, she sings, dances and grooves right along with the girls having a complete blast (picture perma-grin and wide eyes) and she knows a lot of the words, especially HOW CUTE ARE THESE BOOTS?!

After it is done, she turns to me and says, "Mommy, I want to do that." And I tell her she just did. And she states, "No. On TV." Every time it comes on, you swear it's the first time she has seen it as her reaction is more excited each time it airs.

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you the GAP Holiday Commercial "Talk to the Moose". Enjoy! I'm off to write Hollywood a letter about the arrival of my performing drama queen :) And I'm warning you, it's catchy! I caught myself chanting it while doing laundry today (*blush*).

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