Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great Group Gift Exchange Ideas

So, if you are exchanging gifts with a group of friends or coworkers this year, you may just want to consider this 5 pack of Envirosax reusable bags. They're stylish enough to carry them proudly at the store, to the gym or the library and take up little to no space in your desk drawer or glove compartment. Individually they end up costing less than $8 per bag! Throw some little goodies in there and voila, an instant gift with its own reusable wrapping.

And the little goodies could easily be:

From E.L.F. cosmetics, these delicious little lip gloss tins come in tasty, lip-smacking flavors and are sooo incredibly affordable at only $2.00 per tin. Stock up for yourself and everyone's stockings! I'm sure you'll find some other goodies on their site as well - everything is reasonably priced, ALL the time!

Little matchbook notepads, found on here and here. At these prices, you can't go wrong and you'll never be without a piece of paper on which to jot a note.

These midnight blue scalloped lace beauties are just calling to me! At this price point, you can have every color under the rainbow and not go broke. She's running a buy three (3), get one (1) free sale right now too!

Beautiful flower adorned hairpins - buy a few different sets and hand them out individually to your friends, one for their favorite color. Attach them to a little letterpress note card that you can find here (the bird is my ABSOLUTE favorite) or here or here.

SHOP THE POST HERE: Envirosax 5-pack
Eyes Lips Face Candy Shop Lip Tins
AR Creation's Etsy Shop Matchbook Notepads 10-pack
April Adriance's Etsy Shop Matchbook Notepads 25-pack
Vera Vinn's Etsy Shop Scalloped Lace Earrings
Parlene's Closet Etsy Shop Flower Hairpins Mixed Pack of 3
Missive's Etsy Shop Letterpress Gift Tags and Cards
Parrott Design Studios's Etsy Shop Letterpress Postcards

(Images courtesy of, E.L.F. cosmetics, Parlene's Closet and Missive)

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