Monday, November 23, 2009

Home SAFE Home

(click on image to download guide)

Kudos to the folks that put this safety pictorial out for the holidays (I was lucky enough to catch this on the Chicago news tonight and wanted to share it with you)...please, take the time to download it especially if you have any children in your home either as your own or as visitors. The guide highlights all the recalled items (toys, furniture, clothing, etc.) from the past year.

Reminder: make sure if you shop second hand stores or online sites like ebay or craigslist, that you are cross-referencing this handy list to ensure you are not purchasing any recalled items. All retailers, both large and small, are *supposed* to be adhering to the recall notices and pulling the items from their shelves. However, online policing of these items is much more difficult which means individual consumers much be more diligent with arming themselves with vital safety information. You can also sign up to receive recall information via email at the CPSC site here. You are able to specify or filter what categories from which you receive information.

Educate yourselves and your loved ones - happy shopping and be sure to look through your current belongings to ensure safety is met! DOWNLOAD your own guide HERE!!

(Image courtesy of the Illinois Attorney General site)

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