Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Six Minute Logo Challenge...

...may be a bore to some of you; however, being in the world of design, logo identification is a MUST. If a logo is easy to remember, it's a winner and well designed. Do you have just six minutes? I double dog dare you. My results, you ask? I happily got 33 out of 36. The three I missed, I doubt I would have gotten with another six minutes to think about it.

International readers may have a bit of a challenge as they are US logos...but you may surprise yourself too! If you can't spell the name, just sound it have six minutes. And no cheating ;) Have fun with it. And once you've mastered this quiz, go on to the next one - it's a bit more difficult (you do get a bit more time). Have fun!

(Image courtesy of Sporcle)

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Anonymous said...

Those were fun! I missed a few on the first one, didn't know the beers, the second one was much harder! Fun find!