Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help Haiti Now

I am exhausted and overwhelmed. What have I been doing? I decided to catch up on the news this afternoon. Sobs. Full.body.sobs for these people. They need our help. I feel such a demand and a need to help those in Haiti - looking at the pictures and hearing the reports - I am just sick. Every little bit helps. We are on such a tight budget with no employment, but I wrote down the Red Cross phone numbers to donate tonight. I MUST.

Things you can do if you are financially strapped like many others...PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. NEVER underestimate the POWER OF PRAYER. If you can give your time, either here or there - do it! Get the word out - blog, email, tweet about all the assistance options to help these people. You can help. Here are some options, but you can just google 'Help Haiti' or 'Haiti' and a million resources will pop up on your screen and you can choose.


Red Cross

Food for the Poor

Help Haiti Now


Doctors Without Borders

charity : water

Partners in Health (thanks Marianna)

Craft Hope

I'm off to think of other ways I can give of myself to help these people. I pray that God is with all of them.

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Marianna said...

I've been overwhelmed with this news all day as well...the one other organization that I would mention that already has active facilities and personnel in Haiti is Partners in Health.