Saturday, January 23, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Friend...

...the Dirt Devil Swift Stick Vacuum. {Please know, I get no compensation or payment for doing this, but I must review this vac since it's been so handy!} I received this for Christmas this year and I am loving it for everyday little pickups. It's easy to use, lightweight, quick and not too noisy. The suction could be (a little) better; however, it picks up the crumbs my three year old tends to accumulate under/around/on her chair after meal times and that is what we wanted it for instead of lugging out the heavy-duty vacuum regularly. The on-board tool fit a bit looser than what was pictured on the box also. On the plus side, the vac was easy to assemble and very easy to clean. A lower button releases all your 'junk' into your garbage can and there are no filters to buy either (they do sell a replacement cartridge, but it's not one that you need to change out every few weeks like a regular vac bag/filter). The chamber and filter are very easy to clean once the dust builds up - regular cleaning does allow the vac to perform a bit better. So overall, I would have to say I give this little guy a B rating.

Mine was purchased for me at Bed, Bath and Beyond...remember, with their store coupons they run (20% off or $5 off a specific amount), you can save a little change. Be sure to read this VERY interesting post about the coupons - you won't be sorry! What's your favorite quick clean tool in your closet?

(Image courtesy Dirt Devil via Bed, Bath and Beyond)


Dainty Couture said...

I'm so glad to see your review on this cute vac! I got a Shark cordless vac and think it does a decent job - it could use LOT more suction. It does entertain my children while I cook and do the dishes and by entertainment I mean they are chasing each other through the kitchen with the vacuum or fighting over it. :)

The Stylish House said...

I appreciate an honest product review such as this! I have a stairs and get tired of lugging my big vac up and down. I've been thinking of getting something light, so I will take a look at this.
Also thank you for entering my blogiversary PB giveaway. Good Luck!!!