Sunday, January 17, 2010

Odd Resemblances That Make You Go Hmm...

So, I'm sitting in my office and I look up at the Pates Baroni picture hanging on the wall. I'm a big fan of Leonetto Cappiello and have a ton of his advertising posters in some shape or capacity through my home, but especially in my office. I get a strange feeling like I know the person with that plate of spaghetti...and then it dawns on me! I ask the hubs the question if he/she looks familiar? I then proceed to state how the character resembles Drew Barrymore, in my opinion. Don't believe me? Check out a poster image where you can see the face. There is just something about the face, especially the eyes and mouth. Check it out for yourself...we have consensus here. What do YOU think?

(Images courtesy the web)

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fanee49 said...

ha I totally see what you're saying... something about the closed mouth smile and the round cheek bones. It's def the cheek bones.