Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Be sure to shop around!

So, paging through some recent catalog deliveries from the post office caused me to do a double take...if you are looking for a garden stool/glossy end table, be sure to shop around and let your fingers do the walking via internet before you hit the order button. Here's an example...I'm not looking to buy a garden stool, but was sure I had seen this in Tracy Porter's recent catalog (she's having a 40% ADDITIONAL off clearance sale - HURRY and enter clearance40 at checkout, she has some cute stuff left) and also in the latest Ballard Designs catalog.

Tracy Porter's garden stool comes in lipstick red (yummy) and measures 12" in diameter and 15.75" high...ceramic and priced at $360.00. You can get 20% off (purchases over $200, so this would qualify) and FREE SHIPPING...that red is just sooo nice! If you decide to order it, be sure to enter SWEET at checkout.

Ballard Designs garden seat comes in either lime or glazed white and measures 10.5" in diameter and 18" high...ceramic and priced at $139.00.

Depends on what color and size you want, but it sure does make sense to shop around to make sure you get the best deal for what you want.

(images courtesy of Tracy Porter and Ballard Designs)

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