Monday, June 15, 2009

TONS of Giveaways!!!

Run, don't walk...or shall I say FLY over to the Nesting Place's UNBELIEVABLE the amount of giveaways she is sponsoring. My mind was spinning, my hands sweating, I couldn't type my posts fast enough...don't worry, I'm OK. AND good news, you can post to each giveaway to WIN the fabulous prizes until midnight on Wednesday! Make sure you scroll down and through ALL of them - there are quite a few - I lost count after I lost consciousness from the giddiness. What are you waiting for?! Get your 'click' on here, my friends:

And be sure to check out each and every website that is offering a is my friend Jeanne Winters. You MUST check out her etsy shop as well - she is a talented artist and I love the fact that she combines her crafts and artwork with her commitment to her faith - what an inspiration! She's a wonderful person to know and I miss her now that she's moved to a different state. You can check out her blog by clicking the button below.

Inspiring Ideas

Many thanks to Nester for putting all these goodies together - what a wonderful menagerie of talent! (You can read all about her and her wonderful blog here.)

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