Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday...TO US! sis and I are not quite a year apart, so that means we are the SAME AGE for two days. Her birthday is June 3rd and mine is June 5th. Pretty cool now, but in high school, sch-ya!

Anywho - just wanted to give a shout out to us - happy bday Susie and happy bday me!

And our ages together...equal our dad's age. (Thanks to Mom for pointing that out!) Creepy - I guess it happens every two years or so. It's like one of those weird forwarded number email tests you get that you have to think of a number and no matter how you try to fool it, it comes out the same in the end. Hmmm...

Here is an image from Rich Inner Life, a blog by the very talented Dreamland owner Gina Sekelsky. Her handlettering is just beautiful and she offers some very nice things in her etsy shop, LetterGirl found here.

(image courtesy of Rich Inner Life - Gina Sekelsky)

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Lizzi B said...

Happy Birthday to you and your sis!