Friday, March 12, 2010

Do the Thing You Love...

Amen to that! So sorry that I've been out of the loop lately, but I've had good reason. I've been fighting this horrible headcold/cough/sinus infection for TWO WEEKS. I rarely get this sick - the last time I was this sick was over 3 1/2 years ago. Yikes. And it is going around unfortunately...many people I know have it or are just getting over it, the hubs and babe included. My mom went to the doctor today only to find out she has bronchitis and walking pneumonia...keep her in your thoughts for a speedy recovery. I'm going to plan on sneaking over there sometime tomorrow with a little care package for her (shhhh).

Anyway, now you know where I've been. The time off has allowed me to do some really deep soul searching and introspective research on our employment situation and how I could and/or should contribute to it. As most of you know, the hubs' job was cut last August and he has not found anything as of yet. Not that he hasn't been interviewing...he has and has been all over...but no luck (that's another post in itself). Anyway, we're quickly coming up on nine months of unemployment (May) which is the same amount of time to hatch a child...I'm just sayin' - it's a long time to be unemployed. It could be worse, but it could be better.

So, the past month or so we really visited the option of me going back to work full-time in the world of design. I've been freelancing for the most part since 2001 (my main focus right now is staying home with our daughter), so returning full-time in a corporate environment or organized company concerns me since it tended to burn me out in the past. I immerse myself and become (overly) passionate about design - meaning I eat, drink, sleep it. I literally become my job. With a husband and a daughter, balance is essential. With freelancing, I was able to control my involvement. I dislike being burned out (as we all do) especially when it is something I LOVE to do. So, I evaluated everything...pros, cons, options...I prayed about it, made lists, researched topics on the internet, made more lists, wrote ideas, talked to can do a lot when you're sick and no one else (rightfully) wants to be around you.

In the end, I made the decision to reprioritize my life...Faith, Family, Friends, that order. My focus will be on my family and making our home life better and less stressful and chaotic. I want to be a better child of God. I want to be a better wife. I want to be a better mother. I want to be a better friend. I want to enjoy my design work, crafting and sewing projects, or however I decide to enjoy my creative outlet. I have no doubt in my mind that with this order I will be led to happiness and satisfaction I cannot fathom. Do what you LOVE and you'll LOVE what you do. Right now, I'm just happy to BE (a child of God, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a creative).

What is YOUR favorite phrase that is your mantra? Mine?

Do what you love :: love what you do.

Visit Catherine's shop to find the featured sign above (image courtesy of Red Shoes blog and shop). She has all sorts of artsy and creative things to inspire you and add some cheer to your home. I'm hoping to order this sign (in addition to the one above) once we have some extra income.

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