Friday, March 26, 2010

Today is Brought to You By the Letter 'M'

If I could open a brick and mortar place, I think I would choose a venue similar to my features today. Have you heard of moomah or The Make Lounge? If not, hurry and check out their websites. Oh, the creativity is just oozing at these two wonderful places. They make the right side of my brain tingle with delight!

moomah :: A place of sweet whimsy, wonder and warmth, moomah is a creative playscape, a cozy café, a living classroom, a quiet hideaway, an art oasis, your neighborhood meeting spot. Your favorite place to be together, and a place for your child to simply be.

These words just jump out at me and beckon me to visit :: whimsy, wonder and warmth. These phrases sing to my heart and creative passion :: creative playscape, living classroom, art oasis. And as a parent, this phrase just makes me smile and is music to my ears :: a place for your child to simply be.

Located in New York City, moomah offers a variety of classes for all ages of children ranging from art to yoga - there's something for everyone! The café provides a healthy eating outlet allowing visitors to choose from a wholesome and sustainable menu and making their selection into a fun presentation. Check out their activity listing for programs for both children and adults. Next time I'm in New York City, I'm going to check this place out.

Next up is The Make Lounge in London. Again, a MUST visit place when I get to the UK.

According to their website, The Make Lounge is a stylish, welcoming space featuring short-term, project-oriented craft workshops. It also has a retail shop, featuring all manner of crafting supplies, including gorgeous fabrics, haberdashery, trimmings, craft books and magazines, stylish kits, and even lovely handmade goods.

Jennifer Pirtle, creator and founder of The Make Lounge, offers workshops for a wide range of interest and levels. Be sure to check out her parties section - how much fun would it be to do a crafting party?!? Girls' Night Out, Baby Shower, Bachelorette Party, Milestone Birthday...the possibilities are endless. They may be across the ocean for some of us, but you can sign up for their newsletter and be inspired on your own. Who knows, maybe you'll open a shop like this in your city? I know I'm thinking about it...seriously.

What types of venues do you like to explore your favorite or a new creative outlet? Please share!

(Images courtesy of moomah and The Make Lounge)


Darlene said...

Both those places look heavenly for a girl like me who is not so crafty in her own right. That inspiration is just what I need. Have a great day!

Lydia said...

Wow that make lounge looks like such a grat place to create!!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

hello!! thanks for stopping by today! what a cute place you have here!!!