Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Moving Story

Literally. We are moving again. However, we're moving because the hubs found a job! WOOHOO!!! And we'll ironically be moving back to the city from which we moved (17 years there only to return for a few more I guess)...so he can work for the company that cut his job...but this time as a contractor/consultant. If you're not confused, I give you kudos. Seriously. It took me two days to realize what was going on and what it meant. I think I said to the hubs a few times, "Now explain this to me again..." - he must think I'm crazy. It's like we took a 7 month vacation with our recent move out of that city last Fall...as the hubs reminds me, it was anything but a vacation (unemployment is not fun - we've crossed it off our list hoping we don't have to venture down that path again)...so, let's call it a sabbatical.

We took the crash course in frugality and budgeting...and yes, the art major who always runs away from numbers has become a budgeting queen and 'save' has replaced 'spend' in my vocabulary. My family doesn't know who I am. But I am OK - no more than OK - with this revised thinking I have adapted. God works in funny ways, let me tell you. The lessons He wants us to learn are sometimes the longest roads we take in life. We all need to be refined in different ways and who better to know and guide us than the Heavenly Father. I am grateful for that even though we may not know exactly what His plan of course may be or the paths He takes us down.

Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with the security of new employment. Help guide us in the future with decisions we need to make with housing and give us strength to embrace the lessons of frugality when temptation comes our way. Teach us to trust in You as you have shown us time and time again that with You (God), anything is possible.

My blog posts may be sporadic in the next few weeks - I'm apologizing in advance...I'm going to try my best to post every couple of days, but please understand I need to start packing up this family for our next adventure! Thanks for taking the time to follow my blog - I appreciate all of my readers!

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